First time pass
I'm a natural worrier and I wasn't looking forward to learning to drive so I put it off. As a result of that I found Susi and I am really glad I did because throughout all my panicking and overthinking she was patient and understanding. When I started learning, I hated driving but because of Susi I didn't just learn how to drive I also learnt to enjoy it. It may have taken a little while for her to build my confidence enough to take my test but I did end up passing first time.

First Time Pass
The best coach I could’ve wished for, so patient and helped me pass first time with only 3 minors! Always up for a laugh and makes you feel so comfortable from the very first lesson.

FIRST time pass
Susi really helped build my confidence while driving and managed to help me pass first time. She is a fantastic instructor/coach and her patience and understanding helped me to feel at ease while on the road. I definitely recommend her as an excellent instuctor for anyone learning to drive. Thanks Susi!

From a fathers eyes
First Time Pass
My son recently learnt to drive with Susi and passed his test first time. From the first time we met with Susi, she was very professional and approachable and we knew we had made the right choice. She has a lovely, fun and confident manner and is very calm and patient and puts you at ease. Texts and emails were always answered quickly and any questions asked were always answered. All the way through, each step was fully explained to our son. I would thoroughly recommend Susi to teach you to drive. Thank you Susi.

Very patient and calming driving instructor, pushing to do your best but without making you feel pressured. Even when it took me multiple attempts to pass she helped me iron out my shortcomings and prioritised getting my test re-booked and sorted. Would heartily recommend to new students of any confidence level.

First Time Pass
Before learning to drive, I was determined to find an instructor who was able to help with my confidence and Susi was perfect for that. Each lesson was a laugh and I enjoyed every moment. Susi was always so calm and patient and gave reassurance whenever it was needed. Big thanks for helping me gain this long awaited freedom :))

First time pass
I did a week long course for 15 hours in the week. These 2 hour a day lessons were fab and got straight to the task in hand. The style of coaching was perfect for me and got my doing things by myself, a great way to learn. At the end of the course, I passed first time with the help of Susi, giving me the confidence I needed too.

First time pass
Passed first time with Susi! She built my confidence up within days of learning with her. Took us a week to get everything perfected ready for my test. Her bubbly personality and a “can do” attitude really helped me learn effectively. Definitely recommend her to anyone!! Especially because I preferred the coaching method instead of the instructing way of teaching๐Ÿ˜Š

1st time pass
Big thank you to Susi for helping me massively to pass my driving test in just over 2 months! Had always been very keen to get my license as soon as I could and Susi was excellent in ensuring that I was learning properly and safely. Thanks Susi! Would definitely recommend.

I learnt ‘how to drive’ with another driving instructor about 4 or 5 years ago, but after a failed test I completely lost confidence and convinced myself that I would never pass. After taking a break for a few years, I came across Susi after searching for local instructors who could offer me an intensive set of lessons. I was expecting to need a lot of hours, but in the end I only needed a few. Susi helped to massively build up my confidence. She was always punctual and friendly, was super flexible around my university timetable, helped me to gain better control of the vehicle (particularly on manoeuvres), and ultimately helped me get to a point where I had confidence in myself and my ability to pass my test. I would 100% recommend Susi to anyone - especially anyone who lacks confidence in themselves. Thank you so much Susi!

I just want to say a huge thanks to Susi for teaching me how to drive! I have had lots of laughs and fun learning. At the start I wasn’t that confident but now thanks to Susi, I am. She’s a very calm and reassuring coach who explains everything clearly, I would recommend her to all learners.

From a mothers eyesFrom a mothers eyes
My daughter has just passed her test with Susi. Susi was excellent and always made her feel at ease despite always being very nervous! We would always see them smiling before leaving for lessons and our daughter always came back very happy. It was important for us to find someone who would boost confidence and Susi certainly did this. She assisted with finding test cancellations and always kept in touch. Texts and emails always answered really quickly. We have two other children who will be learning with Susi when we get to that stage! Thanks again for all of your support.

Learning to drive with Susi was such a pleasure. I was always a keen driver and wanted to pass as quickly as I could and Susi made that possible and not only made me confident in my driving but also made me enjoy it aswell. She is a very calm and reassuring coach and made me feel very safe and confident when driving with her. Just after 6 months of driving with Susi, I passed with 2 minors.

Callum Callum
1st time pass with 1 driving fault
Great coach, explains everything clearly, would 100% recommend to every learner out there.

Passed 1st time
I contacted Susi because I was aiming to pass my driving test as soon as I could. Within a few Facebook messages she offered to come to my house to make a plan that suited both of us. Susi is such a patient, relaxing driving instructor who made me feel a lot more confident on the road which helped me pass my test first time with only 2 minors. ๐Ÿ˜

Passed 1st time
A big thank you to my instructor Susi Tew! I started out as a nervous driver, not wanting to go more than first gear on the first lesson and always being afraid of driving. She was everything I could have hoped for in an instructor: honest, reliable, kind, calm and professional. Sitting next to an instructor who doesn't shout at you all the time makes the world of difference. Her calming nature was exactly what I needed to push me through. I wish all future learners success and I can't thank Susi enough for making it possible for me to have the confidence to go and take my test.

Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Susi Tew and LDC has not only taught me to be a safe and competent driver but has allowed me to enjoy the experience of learning to drive. The thought of driving used to be very daunting to me, however with the help of Susi I am now confident in my skills as a driver. The lessons are well structured with targets for each session, but flexible enough to allow me to choose what areas I wished to focus on. The book has in-depth diagrams on techniques of driving, access to online content and a guide as to what each lesson would hold. This allowed me to reflect on each lesson and look forward to the following one! Learning to drive has been a really enjoyable process for me due to the freedom it has now given me. 6 months after starting the experience of driving I have now passed first time with 2 minors thanks to the guidance of Susi Tew and LDC.

Passed 1st time
My son James started driving lessons with Sue in June. He and I were understandably nervous prior to his first lesson. On his return it became clear that he had really enjoyed the experience and it was fantastic that Sue came into the house to give feedback on how he had done. From a parent's perspective it was a fantastic way to alleviate nervousness. James continued with his lessons and the interactive way in which Sue taught him saw him progress rapidly and gain confidence. Sue's philosophy of teaching students to drive for life rather than to pass a test is testament to her professionalism. Throughout his learning experience we received regular face to face updates on his progress and we were delighted when he passed his test first time in September. The biggest compliment I can give to Sue is for her to know that James has taken and collected me from various places since passing and I feel comfortable and assured that his driving is safe and excellent. As a parent I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to others so they can also enjoy the same excellent experience we received.

Excellent instructor who makes you feel confident and comfortable while learning. Helped me to progress quickly on my weaknesses and helped me to get stronger on all aspects of driving.

Sweet and bubbly and cheered me up before my test which really helped me to pass my test first time with 1 minor.

Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Susi was a pleasure, her relaxed teaching helped me progress quickly and helped to build my confidence. Any mistakes were calmly explained discussed and resurrected. Furthermore it’s a joy to drive the mini rather than a bland fiesta or Ibiza like most instructors. And most importantly her coaching allowed me to pass my test first time.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping Jazz get through her test this morning ๐Ÿ˜ƒ When she phoned me to say she had passed I literally burst into tears ! You have been a real star and I really appreciate what you have done for her . Thank you again ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Rob, Warwick
After 10 years out of the driving seat I needed help to refresh my skills and confidence. Using the LDC system, within just a few short lessons Susi had helped me back to a point where I am now a capable and confident road user again. Susi’s wealth of experience in driving and her supportive teaching style make it a real pleasure to recommend her to anyone looking for top tuition.

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